Friday, August 25, 2006

Double "wows"...
Triple "wows"...
Quadruple "wows"...
I found a new game!
So happy happy happy..
It's conquer

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Aw! See my new website!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I haven't posted for like a month already. What the f**k. I'm getting bored of my skin already. Can anyone add me at - I'm getting nothing from anyone adding me on msn. *Sigh* Habbo Hotel seems fun to me...I just came up with a internet encyclopedia or something like that...but it's lame. Example :
[ Laugh Out Loud ]
( Laughing )
e.g. LoL This is so funny.
- Yeah like that...maybe it's lame maybe I shouldn't do it. Anyways anyone can you add me on msn?! I'm freaking one is adding me. There's a song really nice and it's by Blink 182 it's the Adam Song or whatever. Creating new class blog...[ maybe ] No one in my class blogs! Except only one- Santhosh. I taught him how to do it. I helped him do quite somethings and now I guess we two are gonna create a class blog! I'm now very happy. Because my habbo guardian just came back from his long holiday I guess just sent me this message :
"Hiya! Just came back from my long break!" Wait...I'm getting abit bored again!
Just did some of my holiday homework given by my teacher and my mathermatics teacher and my english teacher and my chinese teacher and my science teacher- hey wait! There's no homework for science! Yahoo!0_o I wonder why...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm so happy that I got my old skin back after losing it again..
Oh my gosh! I can post on my on my other computer! Yahoo! This is a breakthrough! Last time I had to always post only on my brother's computer, whom's blog is I guess that I'm really okay today. Anyways, in my brother's class, two hermit crabs were killed. And not like saying that it just died of a Hermit Heart attack. It died by the smash on the head by the wicked. I hope that the culprit would get caught and canned. Today I'm really happy!In habbo, nothing much is really happening...nothing much really. My habbo guardian got scammed and he just bought 50 credits again. I guess that he is really rich because at one time he bought like 500 credits! Laugh Out Loud. Blogger. Another is

So I just got a Hermit crab. Now's very late in the evening. I've been guessing...nah nothing. Anyways, nothing much is happening and so bye bye.
"Posting only once a week"
- Yeah! Once a week only! Because I just guess that only once a week can. So how's the vote going on?! Oh my gosh no one replys! I mean no one votes! In Habbo? Nothing's going on...just just dimmed.
- No one votes. Go to it's also like
I guess this is it! I don't wanna write today.
Posting posting posting...*sigh* I think that it should be it, I'm staying in Habbo! Yes, staying in Habbo! Because I just decided to stay in Habbohotel...actually there's no 'exclaimation mark' at the 'I'm Staying In Habbo'. There shouldn't be. Days are short nowadays, coming to Long. That should be that I think. Now...what else should there be written on this blog? Notthing much...gonna install music! Inside my Blog. Like, *Green Day, Holiday*. Whatever does the vote go? I dunnoe how's the vote is going on?! Guessing that no one ever votes on this up high that the vote is voted. Actually in my opinion, Green Day and My Chemical Romance are both equally the same nicest song..I dedicated my room to my friend, best, my HC goody, Homer.Simpson. if you're reading this now, I would really thank you alot. You're my best friends of best(other than Yen, which is the same)- and I would really thank you alot, so I dedicate this message to you.

Dear Homer.Simpson.

You've been my friend, my best one in fact, other than Yen, which I know best. But would be much to know you too. I knew that you were my first visitor to my Hotel, which has been turned into a clinic now. And of course, the dedicated room upstairs is yours to take and spend your time inside, accompanied with Bubble, my pet. And of course, to do your busniess. I mean like not those stuff. Sure think that I really thank you alot.



P.S : You can bring anyone!

Guess that is it, now I'm listening to Encore vs. Numb (Jayz vs. Linkin Park)- wished again that they didn't disbanded, I mean like if they didn't they would make much more songs! And I liked their songs more than other bands(Maybe) but it's okay anyway if that is meant for them than it will be..Can anyone add me on Msn?!

I'm :
Recovered Post. Never. Laugh Out Loud.
- Vote please..that's all I've to say, no one's voting! So what do I have to say? Of course, please vote- that's all I have to say to you guys who are visiting my blog! Wait, I'm gonna change the template. Be Right Back!

Monday, January 01, 1990

Just came back from Basketball training, laugh out I went on the Field Trip, bought many stuff. Anyways, there's a boy in Basketball and he's f**king annoying, he's one year older than me, taller than me, but so what?! I felt like punching that bastard...but...give him a chance first, next time? No chance, sorry.- He's a real bastard. Let's not talk about him..anyway, the Field Trip was nice, I bought toys and stuff home for my Father, Mother and Brother. Guess it wasn't so 'unexciting' after all. In fact, it was fun. Guessed that anyway. Laugh Out Loud. So now I'm listening to the same old song since yesterday, that song reminds me of last year, when there was a party in my class. And I'd enjoyed it because it was after exam, plus, we got to play outside, my friend Bryan spilled Coke on the Too bad that was what we thought and it really didn't care, anyway, my Teacher put me incharge of Shuffling all the songs in the Media Player and gave me the rights to use the computer, so did my Chinese Teacher. I was really happy anyway, I didn't care 'bout the computer after I had setted it to Shuffling Mode. And I went out to play, found our Disapline Master outside playing soccer with some boys and I didn't joined in, I just sat at there seeing them play. But of course I would too feel like playing with them right? So I went to play Takraw with them, only for a while...I mean not like as if I live in Thailand or something, those boys were like um...strange, so I only played with them for a little while like 2-5 minutes. I guess this should be it, I gotta go out after this,